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Features smeatures. Gimme user experience, baby!

Posted by Gia Lyons on October 30, 2007

I’m a broken record lately on conference calls and at onsite customer meetings. You gotta stop comparing lists of features between vendor solutions. It’s a fruitless exercise.





“Integrated telephony?”


“Document management?”


“User profiles?”


“Ok, which vendor has more checks?”

“Ah, they all have everything. Let’s just go with the vendor we were going to pick all along, ok?”

“Sounds good to me. Let’s go play golf.”

Today, it’s all about how you USE those features. Is it a painful or pleasant experience creating a wiki? How many clicks does it take to add someone to your space? Can I get to people’s profiles from my inbox or contacts list?

Anyway, my point is this: Encourage your customers to evaluate collaborative and community-building software solutions using “walk-through” scenarios. Perhaps we can finally move away from the feature comparison column fodder.


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