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Public Gia.

Posted by Gia Lyons on March 10, 2008

Enough customers and colleagues have badgered me to start a public blog that I am thoroughly worn out from declining. You win. Here it is.

I’ll be publishing some of my “greatest hits” from my internal blog at IBM, but will probably stray into other topics as my brain wanders. I’ll post them with the timestamp of when they were originally posted, just to confuse you.

I talk about social software, IBM Lotus Connections in particular, to customers in continents ending in “America” for a living. On my internal IBM blog, I talk about the same, but also about shoes, novels by Neal Stephenson, and how froggin’ cold it is in Minnesota. You’ll probably see the same here.

Argue, agree, empathize, humorize, educate, profligate, but please, be gentle. I enjoy hearing new points of view, constructive criticism, long walks on the beach, and pina coladas. In short, I try to keep an open mind as much as possible, and play nice in the sandbox. I expect others to as well.

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31 Responses to “Public Gia.”

  1. Andy Piper said

    Welcome to the outside. Looking forward to following you over here and seeing you inspire as much as you have done on your internal blog :-)

  2. luis benitez said

    Hi Gia,

    Just found your site and your posts since September 2007!! I can’t believe I’ve missed so many months of your blogging!! Keep it up!

  3. Great to see you with a public blog, now, too! Welcome!

  4. Gia Lyons said

    Thanks, Andy! As soon as I figure out how to disable comment moderation, I’ll be fully operational here…

  5. Gia Lyons said

    Hi Luis! I simply posted stuff from my internal IBM blog, using the original post date. I use a 3rd party blog client, so it’s easy to do this! You probably have read all of these posts already internally, so no worries… I need to add your public blog (do you have one?) to my Blogroll!

  6. Gia Lyons said

    Dangit. Hit Submit too soon. Hi Adam, and thanks!

  7. Chuck Hauble said

    Great to see ya Gia, I’m adding you to my list of must reads.. thanks for sharing..

  8. Gia Lyons said

    Hi Chuck! Hope I can help…

  9. Gia – welcome to the public blogosphere, even though I am one of your many admirers “on the inside” it’s nice to see you out in public.

    – Rob

  10. Connected – By Gia Lyons

    Earlier on today, in our IBM internal blogging platform, Blog Central, one of the most respected, popular and knowledgeable bloggers on social computing within the enterprise made an announcement that I surely was looking forward to for a long long whi…

  11. Welcome!!! Y’know, you could have had a public Connections blog over at! ;)

    But sometimes it’s good to look at a little different interface and how other platforms work… Glad to see you blogging publicly now!

  12. Andy Piper said

    Hey Gia, if you have issues getting to grips with WordPress, feel free to ping me on Sametime if I’m around – I’ve been blogging on for a couple of years now, happy to help out.

  13. Pim said

    Hi Gia,

    Great to see you with a public blog! I know from the latest Lotusphere that you are a fanatic internal IBM blogger, now the rest of the world can enjoy your srapes too.

    Good luck,

  14. Gianguido Benelli said

    Hi Gya
    Nice to see you on the web!!! Let’s spread the Lotus seed :)

  15. Hi Gia, welcome aboard !!

    Finally I can link to your posts, other than reading them internally, commenting and making the local adaptations to Israel’s business climate.

    Good luck !

  16. Gia Lyons said

    Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome here in the public pool!

    @Chris: DOH! Woops. :)

    @Andy: THANKS for your offer! Luis (elsua) has been helping me out. I just changed the feed from “summary” to “full”, for example…

  17. Welcome Gia.

  18. Robyn Bennett said

    Gia, yay — great to see you ‘on the outside.’

  19. Let’s see how different external gia is from internal gia! And I bet you only dream about “long walks on the beach” up there in MN.



  20. Welcome to the IBM blogging community

  21. gfaulkner said

    Welcome to WordPress Gia! Cool to have you here.

  22. Gia Lyons said

    Hey, y’all! Glad to be here.

    @Chris R. Yep, we only have beach weather June – August, so I am relegated to more dreaming than walking.

  23. Sharon Greenfield said

    I’m a fan – you’ve got a lot of fascinating things to say about users in online social environments and how best to facilitate communication therein. Thanks for the blog!

    Also, I’m on book two of the Baroque Cycle – more European history than I ever learned in college! And he is so good at tying macro ideas such as the-element-gold-as-a-standard with the micro such as little character movements among the countries/years. When I finish these, that’ll be the last unread Stephenson for me – shall have to wait patiently for more.

  24. Gia Lyons said

    Yeah, my husband said the last two books in the Baroque Cycle move much faster than Quicksilver did… I might just skip Q and jump into the rest, unless you think I’ll be missing something by doing that. I’ve already read the first third of Q.

  25. Rob Novak said

    It’s kind of embarrassing when you only find a new-ish blog when someone posts a comment on your own. But cool! Another for my reader…

  26. Gia Lyons said

    Hey Rob! I just started it March 10, but posted a bunch of posts from my internal IBM blog, and back-dated them. You’re in my reader, too!

  27. CherylKelly said



  28. Gia Lyons said

    ThanksCheryl! Areyouconservingenergybycompletelyforegoingspacesorsomething?Greatidea!


  29. Rab said

    Finally! Just kidding. Blogging well is hard work. Glad to see you giving it a shot. I’ll be watchin’ the feeds.

  30. Gia Lyons said

    Thanks, Ryan! Just need to get off planes long enough to post stuff now.

  31. […] is the blog post where Gia was mentioning she was going public: Public Gia. Read further on to see what she will be talking about and how you will be able to keep in touch […]

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