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The downside to sharing – lazy networks

Posted by Gia Lyons on March 14, 2008

Ok. My name is not Google, it’s not even Dogear. I know it’s easier to just ping or email someone you know and ask a question than it is to spend.. what?… 30 seconds to type it into a search engine?

You say: “Sure, works fine if you’re searching external sites, but internal sites? Another story.”

At IBM, we are expected to do our research first, unless we have no time. I understand, for example, the whole, “I’m about to catch a plane to Mumbai and the connection here at the airport is slow, but my angry customer needs an answer NOW and I know you can help, so here’s my question” occurrances, but please, if you’re spending the time to write the email or IM, or dial a phone number, you can spend less time typing it into IBM’s intranet search, W3 Search, and get this: FINDING an answer. Fast.

IBM W3 Search ain’t your grandaddy’s search anymore.

I understand that we’ve lost faith in search engines over the years, but now it’s time to come back. Things like user-tagged content from Lotus Connections Dogear have made a night-into-day difference in IBM W3 Search relevancy ratings. And you can get results from a bajillion internal social sources now.

Look at these tabs (the results of which are also available along the right side of the main search page):



And if an IBMer just wants to find the stuff other IBMers have found useful – both inside AND outside the firewall – click the Tagged Pages tab:


In fact, 50% of all W3 Searches at IBM now end with a click on user-tagged content.

I wonder what the next IBM search satisfaction survey will tell us?

Since W3 Search uses IBM Omnifind as our federated search solution, brokering search requests to all of these social sources is easier. And the newly introduced IBM Omnifind 8.5 includes a connector for Lotus Connections (and Lotus Quickr) content! Yay.

So, if you want to “bring search back” in your organization, try adding user-tagged content into the mix.

Heck, you can save the integration with your existing search environment for a later phase, and just use the Lotus Connections Dogear search browser plugin, or the Lotus Connections Search page, or the Dogear UI itself right away:


And then, pass it on: stop pinging and emailing people. Start searching for yourself, you lazy bum.



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