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More about user adoption

Posted by Gia Lyons on April 30, 2008

I once read Mean Genes (loved it), and somewhere in that book the authors talk about how society’s evolution has greatly outpaced biological adaptation. This has caused, among other things, a human being’s inability to instinctually behave as if there are more than a few hundred other souls on the planet. Our biology is still stuck back in the day when we only thought those in our immediate community were the only other humans around.

So, you know how hard it is to get people to consistently reduce, reuse and recycle? It’s the same for online social participation behind the firewall. “So I tossed a plastic bag. What difference will it really make?”… “Who is going to even care about what I have to say in a blog or forum?”… There’s no immediate gratification in either of those actions. It’s almost impossible to comprehend the butterfly and/or cumulative effect our social efforts, online or otherwise, can have.

It takes effort to think globally.


3 Responses to “More about user adoption”

  1. Great blog! I think that this also showcases the reasons for the success of twitter – the ability to receive immediate response and gratification!

    I absolutely agree with you. Although do you think that some of the issue is also lack of confidence and fear of being judged – feeling that you can not contribute something of value to the discussion or that your ideas and public thoughts will be ridiculed? When someone says “what difference do I make” – is this a sign of apathy, or is it a coverup for insecurity. In such a public arena, stepping into the world of blogging, twittering, networking could be just too much to handle….

    What role do we play in helping others to build their confidence and realise that we can all play a part in knowledge sharing. ……….

  2. Gia Lyons said

    Michelle, you bring up a very valid point. Fear of ridicule among your peers, fear of seeming inadequate in your skills… both are barriers. Maybe there’s a nascent market in online social participation counseling.

    Maybe we need to adapt Thomas Harris’ “I’m OK, You’re OK” book to online social participation. :)

    God, we never escape secondary/high school, do we…

  3. michellezamora said

    Hi Gia, Sounds like the making of a new book edition………..

    “I’m OK, You’re OK 2.0” :)

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