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My Mother’s Day Video

Posted by Gia Lyons on May 12, 2008

My preschooler and I played with my new iMac’s Photo Booth application. She insisted on using the “wrinkly” effect. She was very proud to have snuck in a few potty words during our performance, about a minute in.


10 Responses to “My Mother’s Day Video”

  1. lbenitez said

    Hillarious!!! Macs rule!

  2. Gia Lyons said

    Luis, I can’t believe how easy it was to do this! Apple, I heart you muchly.

  3. Andy Piper said

    Funny – looks like you were struggling to keep a straight face too :-) nice work.

  4. Amy Lyons said

    Too funny! I was offended by the “booty booty butt” language, though. LOL!! (At least I think that’s what K was saying…)

    I’m not teaching or travelling right now so I am going to finally register and get caught up on your personal blog.


  5. Andrea said

    Love it! And go MAC!! You are obviously having fun with the new “official” purchase – dontcha love it?!

    And I have to say, she really got into that “booty booty” part! You’re going to have a hard time getting THAT one out of her vocabulary!

  6. Gia Lyons said

    Andy, yep, I was having a good time for sure.
    Amy! Yeah, just read the “Life” section, unless you care about social software crap. :) Give C and M a squeeze from their auntie for me!
    Andrea, I think she learned that at preschool. Unless she saw me doing my own booty booty butt dance the other day. Hmm…

  7. wonderwebby said

    lovely…and I found myself bopping my head from side to side with you both!

  8. Rainier said

    Gia! I just included this in my weekly Friday Funny! Thanks for making a lot of people smile.

  9. CaryY said

    Going to follow up with something for father’s day?

  10. Gia Lyons said

    Jasmin, I know – it’s a great little song from the “Cars” soundtrack.
    Rainier, glad to have made your Friday Funnies! I am honored. :)
    I should totally get Chris and K to do something for Father’s Day. Thanks for the suggestion, Cary!

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