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New Lotus Connections 2.0 YouTube / Viddler Demonstrations

Posted by Gia Lyons on May 14, 2008

You can see brand-new Lotus Connections v2.0 video demonstrations, thanks to Suzanne Minassian, Lotus Connections Product Manager, and her producers, Ron Sebastian and Doug Spencer.

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3 Responses to “New Lotus Connections 2.0 YouTube / Viddler Demonstrations”

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for posting this video link on your site.

    I am keen when it comes to creating videos on the Lotus product range. I have done a number of video’s on the Lotus Notes client for basic user training. You can look at them on my blog if you like:

  2. Saqib Ali said

    Unlike Sharepoint/Google Sites/Atlassian Confluence, Lotus Connections is definitely “people centered and not document centered”

    I currently use Atlassian Confluence. Even though they have many “social networking” plug-ins (e.g. Bubbles), it is no match to LC. Lotus took its time, but has definitely produced a Enterprise 2.0 platform for Social Networking.

    I keep track of various E2.0 technologies, and LC is the most full-featured suite I have seen.

  3. Saqib Ali said

    oh btw, if you love Lotus Connections and have ideas for creating a Social Media buzz around the suite, please post them at:

    (no I don’t work for IBM or Lotus)

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