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About Gia Lyons

Gia Lyons

I have been developing, providing consulting services for, or selling collaborative solutions since 1996. I talk about social software, Jive Clearspace in particular, and user adoption with customers all over the world. Before joining Jive as a Social Enterprise Evangelist, I was with IBM for eight years, evangelizing, selling and implementing collaboration and social software. Read more about why I joined Jive Software.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication, and like pet donkeys.


18 Responses to “About Gia Lyons”

  1. Whooooaaaahhhhh!!! This is just AWESOME!! After having waited for so long to make it to the other side, finally Gia is here with us! You see, Gia? The waters are lovely, aren’t they? It wasn’t too bad, was it? heh It is great to see you over here!! Welcome to the Internet Blogosphere, where all the fun happens!! :D

    I think this very well deserves some kind of link love!! … Coming up, Gia!

    Oh, and not sure whether you wanted to go for it just yet or not, but you may head over to and register your blog there ;-)

    Keep blogging and keep having fun, Gia!

  2. gialyons said

    Thanks, Luis! I have no hope of keeping up with YOU, but at least I’m outside now. :)

  3. […] within the corporate world; and if you would want to find a whole lot more from what’s in Gia’s mind, I would strongly encourage you all to subscribe to her, now external, […]

  4. LOL! I am sure you will, Gia! Just on the initial stages there may well be a bit of a learning curve, but you would be amazed of how fast it goes from there! For the time being, I already created the blog posts with some link love to you, so that you can get some more discussions going on in here and set up a nice pace. Have a good one and WELCOME on board! :)

  5. smartpeopleiknow said

    Yay! People on the outside get to read your blog too! Lucky them! Good for them and good for IBM, too.

    Good stuff, Gia. (And if you use ScribeFire like I do, it is a piece of cake to contribute both internally AND externally.

    Bernie (Michalik)

  6. Gia Lyons said

    Thanks, Bernie! I use BlogJet, and it is crazy-simple to post to multiple blog sites with it.

  7. Howard Smith said

    Go Gia Go! You are simply awesome and I’m one of your biggest fans / followers. Fellow readers, get ready for some of the most insightful, pragmatic and sometime just plain hilarious reading you’ll ever do. I read a lot of blogs, but Gia’s is almost always among the best.

  8. Gia Lyons said

    Wow, Howard, thanks for the love! Talking about hilarious, if only we could get Troy Jensen to start blogging externally…

  9. Gia Lyons said

    Luis, thanks again for the link love!

  10. awiddie said

    Congratulations, Gia! Now the rest of the world will also be able to enjoy your terribly insightful postings on how to apply social software for business. –Amy

  11. Jack Haber said

    Many thanks for yesterday. GREAT session!!!
    Jack Haber
    Colgate Palmolive

  12. Gia Lyons said

    Jack, you’re welcome! Always a pleasure to talk with you and your folks…

  13. Jill Ragsdale said

    Yes, Gia is a great gal! None on here know some things I do lol. We go wayyyyyyy back! Gia you’re the best. luv ya hun.

  14. Shelagh Starr said

    I didn’t know, but I’m glad I do now! Interesting reads! I look forward to reading more. Talk to you soon!

  15. Gia Lyons said

    Jill and Shelagh, shaddap. :) And burn those pictures.

  16. […] caught the tip from Gia Lyons “About” page, hadn’t heard of the tool before, so thought I’d check it out given my issues […]

  17. Gia,

    It makes me very happy that you found a new home at Jive after being frustrated with the slow update cycle of the IBM Web 2.0 offerings. I’m with you all the way. It frustrates me too as the features I’m looking for are not added on a quarterly basis and we have to wait a year of more before we see what we need, and by that time we need new features. It’s a vicious cycle and IBM must find a way to break it, or be doomed by the onslaught of smart startups.

    As a social computing evangelist at the FAA, I wish you all the luck in your new position.

  18. Gia Lyons said

    Thanks, Giora! I wish you the best with your IBM decision.

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