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Clearspace just *shows up* in your browser’s search bar

Posted by Gia Lyons on July 1, 2008

How cool is this:

Navigate to any Clearspace instance using IE7 or Firefox 2 or higher, then click the search drop-down menu and select it as a new search option.

Cisco Learning Community Search

This is made possible by Clearspace’s implementation of the OpenSearch API.

Your search results will include people’s profiles, and their files, wiki pages, discussion threads, blog posts, projects, and the ever popular “what have you” using your browser’s search box.

I wonder what happens if the Clearspace site is configured with other OpenSearch search engines, like Google or Google Search Appliance or Yahoo! or Wikipedia or whatever other site supports OpenSearch (because you can do that in Clearspace)? It stands to reason that your results will include items from those search engines as well, but I don’t know for sure. I will confirm this. When Clearspace search is also integrated with SharePoint (coming soon), I wonder if I’ll get SharePoint results as well? Gotta confirm that, too.

In any case, try it today on your company’s internal Clearspace site, or the following “powered by Jive Software” public sites:

How we did it


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